What I understand is that what Mexican food is to San Antonio, BBQ is to Austin.  Handsome knows a handful of people who live or who have been to Austin so he found out the local secrets of the best BBQ joints. We drove past the first place and the line was already super long, so we kept on to Micklethwait Craft Meats.  We arrived at lunch and our timing could not have been more perfect.  After we ordered the line was crazy big. It opens at 11, we got there at like 11:15, and they serve until its gone.  That was some damn good BBQ! They had everything from brisket to ribs, and their sides included jalapeño cheese grits and lemon poppy cole slaw.

After we had lunch, we went ahead and checked into our hotel early.  We stayed at the Austin Motel, which I learned is a pretty famous place. It is on South Congress, which is THE place to be if your in Austin.  It was kitschy and cute.

After Handsome talked to some of his friends who live there we decided to go explore the Barton Springs.  The springs have been dammed off to create a swimming pool area, but the day we got there (Thursday) its closed for cleaning.  There was another spot that is dog friendly, so a lot of people don’t enjoy going, but we did!  The water was so cold, the rocks slippery, but we had a nice afternoon.  Husband’s friend S met us there to hang for a while.  She came back to the hotel with us so we could change for dinner.  We met up with some of his other friends at a restaurant called Gueros Taco Bar (yes, freaking Mexican food again) on South Congress, ate tacos, drank really strong margaritas, and chatted.

We heard about the bats of Austin somewhere along the trip.  There are something like 2 million bats living under the South Congress Bridge.  They come out at night, and it is supposedly such a spectacle. So, we just walked down a few blocks from the hotel to check out this bat action.  I tried to get pics, but those suckers are fast.  It was pretty cool. You could hear them more than you could see them.  We went night swimming in the pool after we got back to the hotel and called it a night.

We did BBQ, Barton Springs, Guero’s, bats, and stayed at the Austin Motel.  I think we did pretty good for only being in Austin for 24 hours.



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