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15 hours

That’s right. FIFTEEN hour car ride from Colorado Springs to San Antonio.  I went to the grocery store before we left Colorado Springs and made an entire loaf of bread worth of PB&J’s, got some apples and some snacks and off we went. We drove south  through Colorado, cut across the top eastern corner of New Mexico, and ALL the way down through Texas to San Antonio.  Texas is a big state.  And Hot.  At this point in our trip my face has started to severely dry and my nose is almost bleeding.  TMI I know.  But all I care about at this point is how AMAZING my kids are.  They are freaking Road Warriors! Truth!

Handsome and I were thinking the same thing while we were driving through the Lone Star State.  We thought we would see more desert than we actually did.  Pretty ignorant of us huh?  My awesomest cousin and his wife were our fantastic hosts while we are in San Antonio, and were waiting for us with open arms and cold beers.

I know I seem like such a lush on this trip, but that is just how people you haven’t seen in forever welcome you.  It goes like this…”Hey! So good to see you!  Come in, can I get you a beer?”  Its wonderful, but at the same time my liver is not very happy with me….

Well, being the awesome person he is, he had quite a selection of local craft beers.  We stayed up a little too late, but it was fun.  We have had some Mexican food on the trip, but were waiting to fully gorge ourselves until we got to San Antonio.  My cousin has ranted and raved about the food, and rightfully so being close to Mexico, that shit is authentic. The next morning we went to have a Mexican breakfast at a place called Taqueria El Rodeo De Jalisco. Hot damn.  It was more like brunch by the time we got there, but we still had breakfast.  I had the Chilaquiles.  Its like scrambled eggs over tortilla chips with beans. The kids had pancakes…MMMMM..

We went from there over to the Alamo. Had to see the Alamo!  Then we went down to the Riverwalk.  It’s shady, lots of shops and restaurants.  I bet its beautiful at night.  We then walked down to the Mexican Market where I came away with a kick ass longhorn skull to hang over my fireplace.  It was nice, but holy shit it was hot.  We were all dying and dripping with sweat. For dinner that night, we went out for Mexican, of course.  Mamacita’s was so funny.  Great food.  They had and animatronic Davie Crockett that came to life every half hour or so. What I thought was great about San Antonio was the salsa varied so much at every place.

The next day they we of course had Mexican breakfast, and then they took us to the Japanese Tea Gardens which was beautiful, and then we took a ride on a miniature train around a park.  We decided we just wanted to cook out for dinner so we went to H-E-B, grabbed some food and went back to their place to visit.  It was great.  Great food, and of course, great company.

Off point, but damn I write about food a lot.  You would think this is a food blog.  It’s not. But I do love food.


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