Colorado Springs


We left Elizabeth, Colorado and headed to Colorado Springs to visit more family.  My grandmother, uncle, aunt, cousins and all of their children are in the springs.  We spent 3 total days in the springs.  The first day was a lot of visiting with my grandmother, and included a cookout at my aunt and uncles house.  Lemmie tell ya, they know how to have a cookout.  There was so much food!  They do it up, for real.  All of my cousins and their kids were there, which was so much fun for our girls.  They ran around, played with squirt guns and had a blast.  The second day pretty much consisted of having lunch with my grandmother, a nap, and dinner with some of my cousins at this super cool pizza place called Fargos.  The employees wear these victorian style uniforms and honestly, I felt bad for them.  They were probably so hot!  The pizza was pretty good, but I say the atmosphere is what sells the place.  Oh, and they serve pitchers of beer. The last day we were there my girls and I had a chance to go to my cousin’s baby shower (I crocheted her a blanket during our trip), and then Handsome and I took them to hike around on the Garden of the Gods and explore Manitou Springs afterwards. Garden of the Gods is a National park and is a rock formation made of sandstone at the base of Pikes Peak. Manitou Springs is pretty much the gateway for Pikes Peak.  Its a small town, famous for its natural springs.  There is an incline you can walk up to get to the top of Pikes Peak, and we tried, but my sweet peanut started to flare up so we came back down. I hate arthritis. There is a cool spot called the Penny Arcade in Manitou, so we had to check that out.  There was so many vintage arcade games there, as well as new stuff.  Fun!

Next stop…Texas!


One thought on “Colorado Springs

  1. Love reading about your adventures! It sounds like we might hamyve been in CO around might have been in Colorado at the same time! the same time. 😀 We were in Littleton, Castle Rock, Red Rocks and Estes Park in the Rocky Mountain Park area. Took me a few days to be able to breathe. 🙃


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