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Ochs Spirit 

From Fort Collins, we drove south about two hours through Denver to a small town called Elizabeth to visit my very gracious aunt and uncle. They own and operate a 220 acre horse ranch called Ochs Spirit Equine.  It’s located in the rolling foothills of the Rocky Mountains. We only stayed for one night, but I wish we would have stayed longer.  Their property is breathtaking. It goes as far as the eye can see.  They have 35-36 horses they breed for their colorings. And their coloring is GORGEOUS. They are quarter horses with lighter grey or brown on the body and darker on their legs and face.  This past spring, they had 8 babies!  The girls were so excited.  The mares and the foals are separated from the stallions, and the pasture where the mommas and babies are right out front of their house.  We had a grand tour, a few beers (of course), and went to dinner at a cute little mexican restaurant (with margaritas). We shared stories and tears, as I haven’t seen my aunt since 2000 when my grandpa passed. My aunt and I are so much alike it is scary! I really hope it is not another 16 years until I see her and my uncle again.

In the morning, they put the girls to work!  They helped with daily chores around the ranch, and once the chores were finished the girls each had a turn on one of their riding horses named Fox.  My uncle recently returned from a trip into the Rocky mountains with his cousin.  They went riding and camping through the mountains on horseback, and Fox was one of the horses they took.

He is an authentic cowboy I tell ya!  I want to learn so much from them.  Ranching is hard work, thats for sure.  This stop on our vacation was definitely one of my favorites.  I wish we would have stayed longer!

My beautiful aunt and I


Beautiful horses

Working hard
waiting not so patiently
DSC05852 (2)
mamas and babies



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