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Keep on truckin…

And on we go…

On our drive from Sioux Falls down to Colorado, we decided to drive across South Dakota, through the Black Hills, and through the Eastern part of  Wyoming, instead of through Nebraska. We figured the extra time would be worth it for the scenery alone. Oh and we would be able to let the girls experience Wall Drug. Duh. 

It was SUPPOSED to be a 10.5 hour drive, but we stopped quite a few times, and winded up taking us about 12 hours to reach Fort Collins. 

But, it was totally worth it. We stopped where Lewis and Clark crossed the Missouri River. There was a Rest area there with some pretty neat info. 

And, by far my favorite scenery change was when we were coming out of the Black Hills, the land just opened up into the prarie of Wyoming. It was gorgeous, and I don’t know if words can describe. If you can imagine driving on a windy road cut into the mountains, and on either side there is  the darkest pine trees and mica infused rock jutting up all around you. You come around a bend, and down a big hill, and the tree line just stops and opens up to prarie as far as the eye see. Totally my favorite. 

Wyoming, for what we saw was pretty sparse. But we did only drive through the Eastern edge.  I saw my first “snow fences”. So, there are these fences built along the side of the highway to keep the snow from blowing on the highway. Makes sense, right?   I can’t imagine how brutal the winters up there could be. Wind whipping across that open land just hurling snow this way and that. It seems almost impossible to this Florida girl has never experienced a snow storm. That’s the shit outta movies. But then, that’s why there are snow fences. 

So, we got to our friend Q’s house in Fort Collins around 8:30 pm. I ordered pizza delivery from a local spot called Pulcinlla’s. So we ate local pizza and of course drank  Local Craft Beers and had a nice visit. Thank Buddha for craft beers after 12 hours on the road. Oh, and the elevation of over 5,000 feet helped too. 


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