Spencer, Iowa is such a cute town. It’s one of those small towns where everyone knows everyone. There’s smaller towns around, so Spencer is like the big city. Because it has The mall. And Walmart. Everyone I have met is so super nice. Just good people. It makes me feel like where I’m from there’s a lot of superficiality. Not saying there aren’t good people from my hometown, because really, there are assholes everywhere. I think it’s because it gets so freaking cold up there people are forced to be inside for a lot of months, and forced to be nice. I don’t know. And as I quote Prince when he was asked why he never left Minneapolis, “The cold keeps the bad people out” I think there may be some truth to that. 

There is the cutest book written about an abandoned kitty somone dumped in the Spencer library book depository. The town named him Dewey Readmore Books. My husband remembers going to the library and Dewey would just be sitting on a row of books looking at you, or would hop up on the desk where he was doing his homework. We have the books, of course, and stopped by the library to take a pic! 

There are a lot of pretty older houses. My mother in law lives in a house that was built in the 1920’s, and still has a lot of the old charm. 

The Spencer Community Theater is a pretty big deal. We were able to visit the newly remodeled playhouse, and it was really nice. They have a lot of programs year round. My mother in law is very involved in the theater, and Hansome grew up around the theater as well. Oh, did I mention they have a wine bar? Yes, yes they do.

I always enjoy visiting Spencer and the people who call it home. It was after all, where my Handsome was born. 


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