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Road trip!

Handsome has his 20 year class reunion on the 18th in his hometown of Spencer, Iowa. We are going on a ROAD TRIP!!! Griswold style..car topper and all. We are going from Florida, all the way up to Iowa, over to South Dakota, down through Colorado, on to Texas, and over home. In 3 weeks! I scoured Pinterest for road trip activities for the kids. I wanted to try to keep their brains working and not just zoned out on a movie or their kindle. So I started a Pinterest board called Road Trippin. I created travel binders, without buying anything! I repurposed 3-ring binders they brought home from the school year, pencil pouches I have saved, crayons, colored pencils, dry erase makers etc. 

Let’s give credit where credit is due. This was not my idea.  

  • I found the idea for the travel binder from Sweet Rose Studios Here. She also had the genius idea to put a magazine for the kids and flash cards. Yes, I did that too.  
  •  I also found this cool fast food scavenger hunt Here
  • This is pretty cool too, and yes, I printed it out. 
  • I also went to Education.com and found some cool worksheets for the states we will be driving through. 
  • I ripped out some pages from the Banana Grams book we have at home, and put in blank copy paper and lined paper so they can draw and write whatever they want. 

They have a summer reading challenge the schools sends home for the summer, so I snuck that one in there. 😉

I also made Lego Travel Boxes. My girls LOVE Legos. I’m keeping my fingers crossed with this one, hoping it doesn’t bite me in the ass and I’m picking up Legos from every crevice of my van…   Oh! This is actually my idea…I hot glued the bigger Lego plates to the inside of the pencil boxes, so I can reuse them both! 

I also packed their Kindles, I borrowed portable DVD players from my best Rach. Along with books and lots of lots of snacks, let’s hope we can keep them occupied. It’s a 23 hour trip to Iowa. We are stopping in Evansville, Indiana to meet a friend of Handsome, have some dinner, and grab a hotel room. Wish us luck!


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